Getting Started

Q:        What is Fiber Internet?

A:        Fiber to the home, or FTTH, is the gold standard of internet– faster, stronger with unlimited capabilities. In addition to minimal signal loss, full fiber optic cables provide 4.5 times as much capacity as traditional copper wires.  All in all, FTTH is the fastest form of broadband technology.

Q:        How do I sign up for Fortune Broadband?

A:        Please visit our sale centers to fill out the registration form and bring a NRC or passport copy (for Household customers) or authorization letter (for Businesses) along with you.

            Yangon Sale Center is located at Building (12), MICT Park, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar

            Mandalay Sale Center is located at No.117, 34 Street, Between 77 Street x 78 Street, Chanayetharsan Township, Mandalay.

Q:        How soon after signing up will my Fiber broadband be ready for use?

A:        Installation will be completed between 2 to 3 weeks after the setup fee and annual fee have been paid.

Q:        Can Fortune FTTH service be installed in the whole Myanmar? 

A:        We provide FTTH in Yangon and Mandalay at the moment. We have plans to expand our network to Napyitaw and the whole Myanmar.

            For Yangon, we provide broadband services in 17 Townships which are:

            Lanmadaw      Kyeemyindaing           South Okkalapa          Kamayut

            Latha               Thingyankyun             Dagon                         San Chaung

            Pabedan          Ahlone                        Hlaing                         North Okkalapa

            Bahan              Tarmwae                     North Dagon

Q:        What do we need to bring for the registration process?

A:        For household users, please bring a copy of your NRC or passport.

            If you are a corporate customer, please bring a copy of your company registration.

Q:        What will be the other charges other than monthly fees?

            Yes, your charges are as follows–

  • Set up fee of 100,000Ks including one modem and 300-meter cable for installation. You have to pay 800 Kyat per meter for extra cable if the cable distance is more than 300 meters.
  • If you commit to using Fortune FTTH service for 2 years, setup fee will be 100,000Ks
  • Our service team will set up internet connection for one device. If more than one device needs to be set up, you will need to buy a router to share Wi-Fi.

Q:        How do you measure the length of cable needed?

A:        We measure the distance of our nearest internet access point to the modem at your house.


Q:        Are there any data caps on my internet connection?

A:        NO! We offer unlimited data; there are no caps or limits to the amount of data you send or receive.

Q:        What is an ONT and what does it do?

A:        The ONT (also called the modem) connects to the Termination Point (TP) with an optical fiber cable, and connects to your router via a LAN / Ethernet cable. It translates light signals from the fiber optic line from your TP into electronic signals that your router can read.

Q:        Will I be able to use Wi-Fi with Fortune Broadband?

A:        Yes. Our ONT includes Wi-Fi designed to give you access to Fortune Broadband throughout your home.

Q:        Can I use my own router with Fortune Broadband?

A:        Yes, you may use your own router with Fortune Broadband but you need to connect with Fortune’s ONT device.

Q:        What kind of router should I be using for Fiber broadband?

A:        Depending on your requirements, there are a variety of choices. If you have more than 10 users, a higher quality router is recommended.

Q:        Will my Wi-Fi connection be as fast as wired connection?

A:        No, Wi-Fi is slower than wired connection. However, the Wi-Fi technology in our ONT will provide a much more stable connection.

Q:        The internet is not working. What’s the problem?

A:        First, which color of button is switching on at your modem now?

Your PON light should be green, LAN light should be green and Power light should be green.

If you only see green lights, please switch off the Modem for 5 minutes and switch on again. Try connecting to the internet again

If you see a red light or the problem persists, please connect the modem and computer directly

<How to connect computer and modem directly>

– Please click on the Network and sharing center in the control panel of your computer.

(1) Right click on the “Network Icon” at the right corner of your desktop.

(2) You will see “Open network and sharing center”. Click on it.

(3) Then click on the “set up a new connection or network”.

(4) Connect to the internet and Broadband (PPPOE – triple P O E).

(5) Fill the username and password that is stated on your contract.

(6) Click the connect button and wait for a few minutes.

  1. error code 691       the user name and/or password is wrong
  2. error code 651       modem or computer problem
  3. LOS red light is open and Internet still isn’t working

If you get options b or c; this is a sign of cable error.

Once you have connected your modem and computer directly, try again please.

If you are still having problems, you can call us here.Please provide your site code and contact number. Our technicians will come and fix the problem within the next three days.

Q:        Do I need to pay any charges for on call service?

A:        Only 5,000 Ks for on call service.

Other charges depend on the issues detected.

Q:        Why is the Internet speed slow?

A:        Please check your browsing speed as it may be on the wrong setting.

Connect your computer/ laptop directly with the modem. Then you can check your browsing speed at and adjust accordingly.

Service Plans

Q:        How many types of internet packages are available at Fortune?

A:        We have 1 Mbps, 2Mbps, 4 Mbps, 8 Mbps, 10 Mbps and the Night Plus Weekend Package Plan. All packages have unlimited data.

            1Mbps is 25,000Ks

            2Mbps is 40,000Ks

            4Mbps is 60,000ks

            6Mbps is 75,000Ks

            8Mbps is 90,000Ks

            The prices for the Night Plus Weekend plan are shown below.

Q:        What are the Night Plus Weekend prices?

A:        Night double package prices are;

            For  1 Mbps, 25,000Ks

            For 2 Mbps, 40,000Ks

            For 4 Mbps, 60,000Ks

For 6 Mbps, 75,000Ks

For 8 Mbps, 90,000Ks


Q:        What are the differences between the night plus weekend and the other plans?

A:        Your internet speed will be increased by 200% from 8 PM to 8 AM the following day and on the weekends if you use the double package plan.  For example, if you buy 1 Mbps, you will receive 2 Mbps from 8PM to 8 AM the following day and on the weekends.

Q:        How can I change to the Night Plus Weekend plan?

A:        You will need to come in to one of our sales centers and fill in the request. Your package will be changed and updated by the end of the month.

Account and Billing

Q:        How and where do we make payments?

A:        You have to come to our head office at Bld 12, MICT park, Hlaing Township to make the initial set up fees and the subsequent monthly fees can be paid through KBZ bank, CB bank and AYA bank branches.

            Please remember to bring along your customer invoice when you pay your monthly bill.

Q:        When do you send out the customer invoice?

A:        We send the bills to customer during the 1st or 2nd week of every month.

Q:        How do you calculate the internet bill?

A:        We count 30 days (one month) from the date of ONT installation.

Q:        What is the due date of the invoice?

A:        The due date is mentioned on the invoice. The due date comes 30 days after the bill has been issued.

Q:        Where will my monthly bill be sent to?

A:        We send the monthly invoices to your registered home address.

Q:        I haven’t received the customer invoice yet. Why?

A:        We are currently using a delivery service to send the customer invoices which can lead to unexpected delays at times. On average, the bills arrive by the second week of the month.

Q:        What payment options do I have?

A:        Our payment type is postpaid. However, we also accept advance payments.

Q:        How can I pay the advance payment?

A:        Advance payment can be done only at our office: Building 12, MICT Park.

            We have advance payments discounts:

            15% off for an advance of 1 year

            7% off for an advance of 6 months

            3% off for ad advance of 3 months

            Note: The annual fee is not included in the discount.

Q:        I’ve already paid my monthly bill in advance but I still received the invoice. Why?

A:        Although you have made an advance payment, the bill is still sent out because our bill generation system is postpaid. That invoice is just for your balance information; you do not need to pay again.

Q:        I have already deactivated my internet connection. Why do I need to pay the internet bill for this month?

A:        This may occur because we do not accept deactivation requests on the phone. Please come to the head office at and fill out the deactivation form. Subsequently, the billing department will accept your deactivation and cancel the charges.

Relocation, Service Plan Change and Deactivation

Q:        Do I need to pay extra for relocation?

A:        Relocation charges are as follows;

  1.             25,000 Ks for relocating in the same building or in the same room.
  2.             55,000 Ks for relocating in the same township and same exchange.
  3.            100,000 Ks for relocating to a different township and different exchange.
  4.             400Ks per meter for extra cable needed for relocation.

            You have to have fully paid your internet bill and all relocation charges before relocation can start. Once all charges have been paid, relocation will commence immediately.

Q:        How do I request for relocation?

A: You have to come to our head office at Bld 12, MICT park, Hlaing Township to make a relocation request. Please bring your NRC or a passport copy. If another person will come to request the relocation instead, he/she will need to bring an authorization letter, the installation contract and the owner’s NRC or passport copy.

Q:        How can I change the name on the contract?

A:        Please come to our head office to fill out the name change form and bring your NRC or passport copy (for household customers) or an authorization letter (for businesses). There will be a charge of 25,000 Ks.

Q:        What are the requirements to change service plans?

A:        Please come to our head office to fill out the service plan form and bring your NRC or passport copy (for household customers) or an authorization letter (for businesses). Data plans can be changed at the end of the month.

Q:        How can I deactivate my internet service?

A:        Deactivations are done during the first week of the month. After the first week, deactivation requests will be processed during the first week of the following month.

            You have to come to our head office to fill out the deactivation form and to clear any remaining charges. Please bring your NRC or a passport copy. If another person will come to request the deactivation instead, he/she will need to bring an authorization letter, the installation contract and the owner’s NRC or passport copy.

Q:        How can I reactivate my internet service?

A:         If you want to reactivate your internet service, please come and fill out the reactivation request form. Please bring your NRC or passport copy. We will activate your internet connection within two days of your reactivation request.